Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cat

The Abyssinian cat is a very curious animal in every way. His physical appearance and temperament are well known. It is one of the most numerous breeds worldwide.

Despite its name, the origin of this cat is considered to be in Egypt. Certainly, the name of the breed comes from the country of Abyssinia, nowadays known as Ethiopia, but this was due to the first cat of this breed presented in an exhibition was imported from this country.

A theory states that this breed appeared from the crosses of other cats from England, known as British Bunny.

From the first moment this breed caught the attention of cat enthusiasts, breeders and pet-lovers. Thus, by the end of the nineteenth century, the race had become popular due to its official recognition as separate cat breed.

It was in England that the Abyssinian cat was most valued, where the breeders worked on selective breeding of specimens to get the most desired characteristics. Finally they got an elegant and refined cat.

The fame of this feline breed is such throughout the world, that it is recognized by associations worldwide. No one can doubt that within all types of cats that exist, the abyssinian is one of the most striking and special.

Abyssinian Features

The appearance of the Abyssinian cat is generally quite wild. It is a cat that can resembler to a cougar. It stands out for possessing an athletic and slender body, very stylized, where the muscles are marked and that reveals maximum agility.

It is a medium-sized cat. As for its weight, it is usually slightly less in proportion to its size than in other breeds. Within its physiognomy stands out the shape and size of its head, triangular and relatively small, which seems still smaller by its strangely large ears and eyes. It is very expressive in the way it looks, as well as intense, thanks to those large eyes that are usually green, gold or similar. It also highlights its elongated tail full of hair.

Its fur is medium length, although in some specimens it can be relatively long. It is a very bright and soft to the touch, very striking color that can vary in brown tones, chocolate and orange. In fact, the most common thing is that different lighter and darker shades of the same color are mixed throughout the body.

Abyssinium behavior

Within all the cats and breeds that exist, the Abyssinian also has an enviable behavior. It differs quite a bit in its temperament from what is considered normal for a cat. Where other breeds show independence and desire to be alone, Abyssinian cats are animals very attached to their family. They are very dependent animals that can constantly seek the affection of their owners, which can be overwhelming for not so affectionate people.

Abyssian cats are very curious

They are also very playful, and very careful when carrying out those games. It is a race that takes a long time to reach maturity. In addition, the Abyssinian cat is very curious, and will reach any corner of the house. It is not uncommon to find this cat jumping and sniffing the all around, so it is always advised to maintain some safety rules to avoid possible accidents.

Major Abyssinian Diseases

Normally this breed has very few problems due to genetical or hereditarian causes. The main problems that this breed may present are related to oral health, and also other conditions typical of cats that can be avoided mostly with healthy habits. They are slightly more likely than other breeds to develop amyloidosis.

Abyssinian Basic Care

This feline breed does not require more specific care in general terms than any other cat-breed. Even on some issues it may need less attention.

As for health, maintaining good daily habits and going to the vet for frequent checkups, it will be quite easy to keep it strong and healthy. What you should never forget is to keep your schedule of vaccinations and dewormings up to date to keep the most common diseases away.

Its fur is usually in good condition, and it doesn’t fall too often. It is recommended to bath them once every two months.

The high activity and energy of this cat, coupled with its rather thin physical characteristics, will make it require more food than other animals of the same size.

It must be remembered that this cat is an eternal puppy. It’s important to educate him well, and to spend time with him, playing and exercising. This cat doesn’t carry loneliness well, so if you can’t devote all the time you need, you’d better opt for some less dependent breed.

Things to know of the Abyssinian

Of all the breed cats that exist, the Abyssinian cat is one of the most numerous in the world.

Only the color and type of fur is similar to the cougar, but there is nothing that brings them any closer on a genetic level.

He’s a born climber, which makes him even sometimes want to climb on the backs of his owners. It is advised to keep your nails always very short to avoid unnecessary damage.

Although its most common color is brown in different shades, there can also be exceptionally specimens of blue Abyssinian cats, but it is very rare.