Australian mist cat watches

Australian Mist

The Australian Mist cat โ€“ also known as the fog cat โ€“ appears in Australia in the 1970s, after the cross of several traditional short-haired breeds of that country, as well as the Abyssinian cat and Burmese.

Who led this crossing was Dr. Truda Straede, who presented his idea to the Royal Agricultural Society and sought to combine the physical characteristics of these races with a closer, affectionate and sociable character, in addition to having a spotted fur.

Features of the Australian Mist Cat

When they are puppies they have a robust constitution but as they grow they acquire a more refined appearance to compensate for their structure like that of a normal cat.

Australian mist kitten

Its size is medium and weigh between about 10 pounds (4โ€™5 kg) in males, and about 7โ€™5 pounds (3โ€™5 kg) females. Being short-haired, they donโ€™t need too frequent brushing. The colors of that fur vary between brown, gray, gold or darker colors.

The fur always has small specks, which are known as mist. Its head is round and of a medium size, with a very pronounced chin.

Another characteristic element of this breed are its eyes, of great dimensions that give it expressiveness with its gaze. They tend to have a rounded appearance encompassing green hues.

The ears of the Australian Mist cat are medium, wide and rounded toe, and have a long, wide nose.

Its legs are medium and muscular, and have a long tail that narrows as it reaches the tip.

Australian Mist Cat Behavior

It has a quiet and sociable character, very tolerant and rarely presents aggressiveness.

It adapts to different environments. His kindness and sweetness makes him one of the best breeds to accompany humans and other animals. It requires, however, a lot of attention.

Diseases of the Australian Mist cat

Genetic diseases are not known in Australian Mist cats, so they are not predisposed to suffering any inherited from their parents.

However, this breed usually presents urinary tract pictures or eye problems. These are problems that can be prevented or treated with normal visits to the vet.

Australian Mist Cat Basic Care

Brushes are not strictly necessary to apply to them continuously, as it is a breed of short hair that hardly accuses hair fall.

The Australian Mist cat has a high life expectancy, between 15 and 18 years. To ensure optimal health, you will need to provide a balanced diet based on the age and weight.

The Australian Mist does not need specific care, but it does require, like all breeds, sporadic visits to the vet, as well as keeping the anti-parasitic and vaccination schedule up to date.

Things to know of the Australian Mist Cat

Its name was Spotted Mist until 1998, when it began to exhibit more characteristic patterns that made it want to differentiate with the current name.

It is still in the process of recognition by different feline associations that are reluctant to give it the quality of a race of its own.