Cornish Rex

Despite what may seem, the appearance of the cornish rex cat was completely natural and fortuitous, although later the human being would enhance those traits that were more interesting.

Specifically, it was in 1950, during the summer. A domestic cat, common with short hair, gave birth to her litter of kittens. Of all the puppies born, only one had a characteristic that its owner had never seen before, a curly fur that resembled that of the rex rabbits, from whom the breed would later take part of its name. After researching and learning about this genetic change, the owner concluded that it had occurred naturally, and that she had no negative impact on the puppy.

Cornish rex kitten meowing

So they sought a way to perpetuate this trait, and then they favored several crosses of this specimen with cats of other breeds to begin to define the one that years later would become the breed of cornish rex cat. All these events took place in England, specifically in the county of Cornwall. Consequently the race was given the name of the place where it had originated, Cornish, and Rex, in reference to his characteristic wavy hair.

In just a few years, it became a very famous breed in its place of origin, and also made the leap to the United States. Thus, in the 1960s the cornish rex cat was recognized as an official breed by the main feline associations of England, and from 1970s it was also recognized as such in the United States and the rest of the world.

Subsequent crosses with cats of other breeds, such as Siamese, caused other characteristics to be defined in them that achieve a unique set in this breed. A set that can often be strange.

Currently, the cornish rex is a breed that is known everywhere, although the number of specimens is not as high as that of other cat breeds with wavy hair. In any case, it is more than recommended as a pet.

Cornish Rex Features

It is a medium-sized cat, but quite elongated and stylized in its body. I could remember greyhound dogs, which makes it so eye-catching for people who are used to more robust cats. All the lines of the cornish rex body are elongated, give the back line itself, to the head and snout, in addition to the tail and legs.

Even the ears are larger and longer in proportion than those of most cats, and their nose shows almost a flat profile due to their length.

Its fur, is very short and with woolly texture. And one of its most interesting features is that it barely falls off, so the care it requires is minimal, and it is also not usual for them to swallow hair when they themselves get aching, which prevents dangerous hairballs from occurring in the stomach. In addition, there is no single pattern for the color of this special fur, which means that it is possible to find specimens of this breed of any shade, and in one or more colors expanded in any way by its body.

Cornish rex sleeping

Finally, it has large, almond-shaped eyes, with a deep look that can be virtually any color. Although they usually combine in some way with the tonality of their fur. A mix of features that catches the attention of any cat lover.

Cornish Rex’s behavior

The temperament of the cornish rex stands out mainly for two reasons. The first is that it is a dominant animal and that tends to want to lead the herds, therefore it is essential to educate it properly since it is a puppy to avoid unwanted behaviors and to live well with other animals, whether cats or any other species.

On the other hand, this cat is very homemade, prefers to live inside the house than go out to explore abroad, which does not mean that it does not like the game and the activity. It is a very intelligent animal, which can be independent at times but also requires large doses of attention, care and affection.

However, it is a sociable cat in general, and suitable to live as a pet with families of all kinds. It is very good with children and gets along especially well with them because they are usually tireless adventure partners. It is also easy to get it to adapt to the tranquility of a home without many shocks, as long as it has moments in the day to play and release all its energy, and as long as it does not spend too much time alone, because it is something that this breed carries extremely badly.

Another of the details that mark its character is that it is a cat with a tendency to meow excessively and insistently, one more reason to educate him properly from a young age to control the less attractive features of his personality. Its tone of voice is also quite high.

Cornish Rex’s main diseases

The perhaps fragile appearance of the cornish rex does not correspond at all to its strength and health. This breed is healthy by nature, hardly presents diseases and requires very basic care to always stay in perfect condition. The most important thing is to make sure they follow healthy lifestyle habits.

Cornish Rex Basic Care

The necessary care for the cornish rex cat are very basic. Never forget frequent visits to the veterinarian to check their general condition, and also to bring their vaccines and dewormings up to date.

Cornish rex kitten

As for its fur and hygiene, it will be enough to brush from time to time to remove the little dead hair or dirt that may accumulate. As we have already seen, it is not a cat that usually loses a lot of hair, therefore it is not necessary to brush it too often. To keep it clean, it is also recommended to use wipes and pass them all over its body, and bathe it completely only when needed and with a specific shampoo for cats.

One thing to keep in mind is that during the winter they will require a warm place to rest. Although its body temperature is higher than that of other cats, it could get sick from poor protection of its fur in cold times.

It is essential to opt for an always quality food that contains all the nutrients it needs. Combine dry food with wet food, but always carefully, since the wet food usually has a greater composition of fats. The cornish rex is not a cat with a tendency to put on weight, but a bad diet could lead to overweight, something very dangerous for animals.

The amount of food will also depend on the level of exercise it carries out. The more caloric energy expenditure, the higher daily demand for food. It is an active and playful animal, so it will not be satisfied if it can’t carry out all the activity it needs. In addition, through the game it is easier and more effective to be able to educate it.

Things to know about the cornish rex

Cornish rex has been defined as one of the rarest cats in the world. Although it is not the only breed with curly hair, it is the only one that mixes this feature with others such as the shape of its body or its size.

If there is any curiosity beyond its fur and body shape, it may be that it has a body temperature higher than the average feline. This does not have any risk at its health in general terms, although care will have to be taken in times of high temperatures, and also with the cleaning of eyes and ears, to prevent infections from various factors associated with the temperature.

Cornish rex looking

The cornish rex cat is a very adaptable animal, but at the same time with its own personality which can be sometimes frustrating. That is why it is only recommended for those who commit to their education and their care. Living with one of these animals is not always easy, but it is certainly very rewarding when you find the right point to understand it.

People allergic to cats generally have lower symptoms when they encounter a specimen of this breed, being possible coexistence in cases of mild allergy. This is due to their short fur and the scarcity of hair loss and moulting throughout the year, which is an important benefit for those people who want to have a cat, but cannot do it with other breeds.