Dry food or wet food for a cat

Giving your cat the right food is important and in this article we will have a look at the pros and cons of each dry food and wet food.

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of both dry food as well as wet food to see which of them should we choose to feed our cats.

Advantages of dry food

Beneficial for his teeth

Dry food is harder to chew which drags the plaque that is deposited on the surface of the tooth as if your cat eats and brushes his teeth at the same time with dry food.

Wet food, however, does not help to keep his teeth clean and this is very important because if we take care of their teeth throughout their lives when they are older they won’t have periodontal diseases, which can affect their teeth and other parts of their body.

It lasts longer

Bacteria can not grow because dry food has very little water, which helps to preserve it. You can buy a lot of dry food because it takes a long time to go bad. But the main advantage is that you can put your cat’s food ration many hours in advance because it will not go bad.

With wet food, if it spends a long time out of the fridge, or if your cat has it a long time on its plate bacteria will grow, and if your cat ends up eating food where there is a lot of bacteria it might cause him diarrhea and can be a health problem.

It is also the best option to feed cats that live on the street in colonies precisely because it will not decompose and is also much more hygienic and leaves much less debris.

You can combine physical exercise with food

Dry food allows you to feed your cat in a more suitable way for him. You will be able to have different dispensers where the cat gives a little push with his paw and releases small grains of food so that the cat has to earn his food. In this way, your cat is much more active, awake, and it is more suitable for him because he will combine physical exercise with food.

Advantages of wet food

It is more satiating

Due to its large amount of water that makes the food have a greater volume, makes the cats more satiate. This is very important for cats that are all day pending to want to eat. If you give those cats wet food will be filled much sooner than with dry food and so we will avoid the cat from fattening.

Cats get more hydrated

As it has a lot of water, it helps the cat to be much more hydrated. There are many cats that do not usually drink water from their drinking bowl so that giving them wet food you make sure the cat will be hydrated without realizing it.

This will help them to have better health in their urinary system, the kidneys, the bladder and also reduces the risk of formation of stones, etc. If they only take dry food they will need to drink much more water the wet food helps them to drink a lot more water.

In any case, your cat must always have water at its disposal. If the cat eats a lot of wet food it is normal that they drink less water from the drinking fountain but they always will need to drink water.

More appetizing

it is clear that the cat will be much more attracted by this greasy food than the dry food. This is especially important for those cats that are a little pickier and do not want to eat a lot. If you want them to be well-nourished, reinforce it with wet food because that way you will make sure that he eats all his ration.

If you give your cat wet food you have to make sure that their feeders are always clean because in all those remains that leaves the wet food can grow bacteria that in the end can affect him.

Do we have to feed cats only with dry food or wet food?

Cats have to eat both dry and wet food, however, not mixed but separately. If you mix dry with wet food you will lose most of the advantages of dry food, the grain is going to soften and will no longer clean the teeth so that you will not provide any kind of extra benefits for the cat.

when to feed your cat dry food and when wet food

Once a day when you are in front feed them with wet food, it doesn’t matter if you feed it at night or during the day, and the rest of the day give them dry food.

If you leave the bowl full of dry food all day available to them when eating his wet food take it away during the night to avoid your cat from eating too much and getting fat.

From what age can cats get fed whith dry food and wet food

From the time your cat starts eating dry food at about a month and a half of age you will have to give him one of his shots of wet food.

If the cat is old and does not eat dry food can you give him only wet food?

If there are some cats that have problems with their teeth, that are very old or that do not want to eat much, it is indicated that, better than not eating anything, eat wet food which is complete and can nourish a cat perfectly.

For cats that simply don’t like dry food, can they eat only wet food

Yes, but only eating wet food causes his mouth to get much dirtier. In those cases try to reintroduce your cat to dry food mixing the dry food with the wet food that he was already taking. Gradually increase the amount of dry food and reduce the amount of wet food to adapt him to the taste and texture of the new food.

If your cat knows that if he doesn’t eat his dry food he will get wet food, most cats will wait. You have to be strong, otherwise, your cat will manipulate you and in the end, you will end up always giving him canned food and that can bring negative consequences.