Egyptian Mau

Elegant and distinguished, the Egyptian mau is a breed that can easily remember others like the Bengali cat, but which has its own characteristics that make it unique. As the name suggests, the beginning of its history and origin is found in ancient Egypt. It is even known that the ancient pharaohs owned the ancestors of these cats, who were part of the empire and were revered as almost divine beings throughout the population.

The belief that cats were sacred animals made it easier for specimens to increase in number. Killing one of them was punished with death. That is why cats in general, and the Egyptian mau in particular, found in this civilization their own paradise.

Egyptian mau kitten

Evidence of this can be found in some hieroglyphics created at the time, where the cat figures that correspond to the features defined later for the Egyptian mau cat are represented. These representations date back more than 4000 years, so it may be one of the oldest breeds in the world, if not the oldest one.

Throughout ancient history, the Egyptian mau continued to develop easily and without humans intervening. To find the first specimens presented outside Egypt you have to advance until the 1950s, when Princess Natalia Trouetzkoi showed them in Rome in a feline beauty exhibition. This cat caused great anticipation due to its natural beauty and its history, and since then countless breeders interested in the breed began to appear in all parts of the world.

After the arrival of the Egyptian mau in Italy, he made the leap to the United States, where the American line was developed from three specimens, although later more specimens were imported from Egypt. Interestingly and, although its development outside Egypt began in Europe, its popularity increased much more in America. In fact, today the specimens bred in the United States of Egyptian mau can be counted by thousands, unlike the few that at the moment remain on the European continent.

Once the breeders began to select the most suitable specimens for breeding and definition of certain features, a cat of great beauty was obtained that maintained the elegance of the first specimens. Furthermore, his naturally wild character was polished to a quiet and sociable temperament race in all situations.

Features of the Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian mau cat may look similar to other cats of more common breeds. But the truth is that it has some features that make it unique and totally different from the others.

It is the only cat whose fur acquires a spotted hue naturally. Certainly, there are other feline breeds with similar patterns in their fur, but they have all developed it as part of the intervention of humans in their breeding. The main features of its fur are those dark specks that are rather rounded and that can be found throughout its body, although they are also supported in the form of small lines. The base color of the fur can be creamy, silver, or brown.

Their anatomy may remind other stylized cats of Asia. It has an elongated and thin body. It is similar to the Abyssinial cat, although more muscular and slightly larger in size. Another of its unique features is that its hind legs are longer than the front legs, something that is not noticeable either aesthetically or functionally. The tail is medium-sized and narrows to the end.

Its triangular and sharp head stands out, with marked cheekbones and medium-sized snout. Its ears are rather large and are always kept upright and quite separate. A feature that no other breed has is that its eyes curve slightly upwards at the upper end. In addition, among them a mark in the form of ‘M’ is drawn on the fur, something that does not happen in any other race. The eye color can be amber or light green.

Egyptian Mau Behavior

This feline breed has changed the least through selective breeding. This means that it is a cat more independent than other breeds. It likes to be in the family, but it also often wants his space without being disturbed. It is very smart and quiet, but also has moments of activity and play.

egyptian mau watching

It is usually sociable and friendly when it knows the people, but can be very possessive and territorial. That is why it is advisable to socialize and educate it properly from a young age to avoid unwanted behaviors. You can get along with children, but it is not recommended to let them play unattended because of that possessive character of the cat with its stuff. It may react aggressively. Hence the importance of good early education.

It is also worth mentioning that the Egyptian mau cat has a fairly marked hunting instinct, and that it is also a very agile and trained hunter. Which means it’s not a good idea to live with other animals like birds, mice or rabbits. Although you can also work on the relationship to get used to them.

Main diseases of the Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian mau cat is more fragile than other felines, although that does not mean that it is prone to inherited diseases. This fragility is shown in certain situations, such as exposure to sudden changes in temperature or certain types of medicines. Allergic reactions, colds or feline asthma are some of the diseases to which it is more propense to suffer.

It may also experience obesity more easily than other breeds, so it’s important to take care of its diet and have it exercised frequently. Something that shouldn’t be much effort if you offer varied activities and games.

Egyptian Mau Basic Care

As already mentioned, the Egyptian mau is more delicate than other cat breeds. Which means its care will have to be somewhat more special, especially when it comes to its health. It is important to ensure that you do not undergo sudden temperature changes, so it is advisable to keep the interior of the house at a good average temperature. In addition to offering a warm corner where it can snuggle up. It’s even a good option to put some clothes on on the coldest days of the year.

As for its hygiene, it is not the point that needs the most impact. The brushing and punctual baths will be enough to keep your fur in the best condition. Always use cat-specific products to achieve maximum shine and beauty in your pet.

curious egyptian mau

Don’t forget the importance of food, play and education since it is a kitten. All these elements serve to take care of its health, but also to allow its development in an appropriate and balanced way. With time spent daily on their exercise and education, you will ensure that your cat is active, healthy and has a good behavior. And always try to offer food of the highest quality and control the amount it eats each day based on its exercise habits.

Things to know about the egyptian mau

The name of the breed literally means Egyptian cat The word mau imeans cat in that language.

The Egyptian mau cat began as a completely wild animal, which was domesticated as a result of its closeness and contact with humans.

For a cat to be considered as an Egyptian mau, according to the breed standard it is essential that it shows an ‘M’ mark right on the forehead. A unique detail throughout the feline kingdom.

The Egyptian mau is said to be the greyhound of cats, since according to the studies it is the fastest domestic cat.

Its pattern speckled in the fur is the only one that has been given in a breed of domestic cat naturally, without the intervention of man.

It is especially extended as a pet in the United States.