Exotic Short-hair

The exotic short-haired cat – also known as Exotic Shorthair – is a breed that can be considered artificial for its enormous morphological resemblance to the Persian cat but has acquired over time a status and character that makes it one of the favorite breeds to have at home.

It was in 1967 that it became considered a pure breed after a year earlier a feline breeder and judge named Jane Martinke crossed the Persian cat, the british shorthair and the American shorthair with the aim of getting a Persian with short hair.

With this experiment, Martinke obtained an animal of robust complexion, soft fur and a tranquility that made him a much-loved cat among feline lovers in a very short time.

Orange exotic shorthair kitten

Another of the determining factors to acquire the fame they achieved was that their fur, with very peculiar characteristics, prevents those who suffer allergy to cat hair from having problems with them because they do not fall as easily as in the case of other breeds.

It was in 1986 that the International Felina Federation recognized the exotic cat with short hair as a pure breed and since 1987 it is only allowed to cross it with the Persian cat.

Features of the exotic short-haired cat
To describe this breed, let’s start with its head, which is wide and round, with small ears and very separate. Its eyes are large, which give it a deep look, with a very bright color, which are placed on a flat nose.

Its hair is short and dense that requires little care, making it easier to care for with a wide range of colors covering a rounded, muscular and short-legged body.

The tail of the exotic cat Shorthair is short and covered with hair. In addition, its neck is short and thick, with a wide chest and large shoulders, and has voluminous bones and muscles. They are not usually very large animals although they usually weigh between 3.5 and 6 kilos.

Exotic Short-haired Cat Behavior

One of the aspects that most attract those who decide to adopt an exotic cat with short hair is its calm and curious character. They are very playful felines and require the attention of their owners, in addition to being the perfect companion of the little ones of the house.

Black exotic shorthair kitten

It makes good crumbs with other animals, even dogs, and they are more noble and close to humans than many of the other breeds of cats. Their quiet attitude also includes their tendency to get a lot of sleep, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they take a nap frequently between games and games.

If you are looking for the feline closest to you, who will always be at your disposal in search of games and good times together, the exotic short-haired cat is one of the best options.

Diseases of the Exotic Short Hair Cat

In this breed, the main diseases are usually renal pathologies, especially the polycystic kidney.

In addition, the morphology of your face can cause problems in your jaw and denture, as well as respiratory defects given the small dimensions of your nostrils. Eye conditions are also likely to arise in them due to the diversion of their tear ducts.

Therefore, you have to be very attentive to these aspects to try to prevent the health of your exotic cat from getting compromised.

Exotic Short Hair Cat Basic Care

As for the basic care of the exotic cat, we have to start with its toilet: care for its fur in a way by means of regular brushing to remove dead hair, as well as drying the tear and the sides of the nose are good measures to avoid different conditions related to this breed.

Exotic shorthair watching intringued

Its ideal diet is that proportional to its size, highlighting that it is not convenient to offer you excess food due to its size. However, care must be taken to ensure that you get the 41 different nutrients you need for your livelihood through quality food.

In the case of cats, especially in this breed, the baths imply that they can lose the protective layer of their fur. However, a bath should be used when it is too dirty, and to make routine hygiene guidelines with dry soap, always with products intended for the particular care of cats.

Education in this breed is also paramount, being a very intelligent cat, which can easily capture the notions you offer since you are a puppy. Your exercise can be guaranteed through games with them through balls, bars and other utensils that can unleash your imagination in your interaction with the human being.

Things to know about the exotic shorthair

There are some curious facts about this breed that are worth noting:

It has always been thought that the famous cat Garfield but without the lazy character of the well-known cartoon. The figure of Garfield resembles the physical characteristics of this breed.
It is one of the quietest breeds, since they do not tend to meow too much for that quiet character that defines them.
It is considered one of the aristocratic races par excellence; What’s more, Queen Victoria of England was a great admirer of these felines.
Its bulky form from birth often requires the C-section method to ensure success in this process.
If you decide to adopt a cat of this breed, do not doubt that you will be faced with the best decision if you are looking for a docile and noble animal that will always feel the human company as a pleasant experience.