How does a cat see

Have you ever wondered how your cat sees you?

Knowing how your purr perceives the world with his eyes will help you understand it a little better and improve your daily life with him. Cats perceive things differently than us so that some toys and other pet accesories do not get his attention.

Thanks to a study of two veterinary ophthalmologists Kerry Ketring and D. Haeussler, we can understand their visual perception of the world.

Panoramic vision

Cats have the ability to see up to 200 degrees of angle around their head, unlike humans who have a vision of 180 degrees. This allows them to observe if any predator is approaching them.

Cats see a much wider area blurred therefore, they distinguish the bulge they distinguish the shape but they do not see it with all the clarity.

You will have noticed that your cat perceives when something approaches him from behind to run away thanks to the wide-angle vision.

Cats have a wider vision angle.

Night vision

It is not surprising that cats see at night very well, but why have cats this excellent night vision?

In the retina, there are two types of cells, called rods, and cones. Cats have more rods that are more sensitive to light and that helps them to see at night. That is why your cat can find its way around your house and can go to your bed to wake you up.

Due to the rod-cells in their retina, cats can see better at night.

However, cats have fewer cones and this is a bad thing because when there is a lot of light cats see a little blurry. Also, the cones are the ones that perceive the color, therefore, they will not see exactly the same color as we do.

The colors

Cats perceive colors differently than we do, they see colors a little paler than we.

They do not see the red color, rather colors from blue to purple and also in yellowish colors including green. In fact, there are some studies that say that green is seen as a very bright color. This is something that can help you with your cat because if you choose their toys, preferably choose one that they can see better.

Cats perceive the colors paler than us and do not see red colors.

By making intelligent use of the colors we can capture the attention of our cat towards things that we want.

Long distance

cats do not see close up and they do not see very well from far away either. The perfect vision of a cat is more or less around 23 feet (or 7 meters) anything beyond that is blurred as well as anything very close to his face. In comparison, humans can see up to 200 feet (60 meters).

That is why they use their eyebrows and whiskers to orient themselves with things that are closer to the face. In fact, the whiskers can also perceive small movements of air that help them to be forewarned from an approaching predator.

If you want to catch his attention with a toy don’t get too far away, otherwise, the cat might not even see it and he might pass you by.

Slow motion

Cats see in slow motion which does not mean that they perceive the images slower than us but on the contrary, they perceive the images much faster. They are able to see things that for us would go unnoticed because they move very fast. They can process much more images and therefore they can see the perfect trajectory of a mouse running to catch it.

This is the reason why a perfect toy for your cat would be something that moves very fast and that will attract his attention much more than something that moves slower.

After all, the toy can come to him from anywhere and that will also help his mind to be much more stimulated because he does not expect where the stuffed mouse or the feathers that the cane has on the tip will appear.

Now that you know how your cat sees the world, hopefully, you have taken out a practical application to help you in your daily life with your cat.