How to stop your cat from scratching furniture

Scratching is a necessity for cats, both for exercising the top part of their body and especially it is a very important behavior of marking their territory. Cats need to own places. They become very insecure and anxious in the places they don’t own.

So in order to preserve your furnitures and combine it with your cats natural behavior we need to follow a series of steps.

Trim their nails

First of all, trim their nails either with a nail trimmer or a human nail clipper. Therefore, press on the cat’s pad to bring the nail out, then take off only the tip of them to not hurt them, it is not necessary to take off the part where the red part meets the white. Because otherwise, you could hit the blood supply causing them pain.

Also, act casual and say things to your cat to make it easier. You can try it while he is sleeping or just waking up because it is a lazy moment that the cat is having and he will be more passive.

However, if every time you touch your cat’s paws you try to cut their nails, they will not let you do it. Therefore, associate it with positive things such as petting or having a nice quiet time.

If you only get one nail cut, don’t worry, you can try every time you are sitting near them to cut a nail or a few each time, and over the course of a bunch of days all them will be done.

Have a scratching post nearby

The next thing to consider is where they are scratching.

There are two pieces of furniture in every house that accumulate most of the human scent which is the couch and the bed. As these places have a strong of you, and because of cats territorial behavior, your purr will want to compliment your scent with theirs.

To avoid the cat from scratching on the furniture there is a product called sticky paws which is a double-sided sticky tape that is designed to stick to your cat’s paws, which they don’t like.

Next to where the cat usually scratches has to be a scratching post that works for them so they can complement your scent with them and leave a visual and scent marker in a crucial territory area.

A good scratching post

A good scratching post has to have a wide base because if your cat goes to scratch down and it trembles or shakes the cat will turn to other things to scratch.

There are a lot of good scratches and your cat could prefer corrugated cardboard, sisal rope, carpeting, or natural wood. It is important that you don’t pick the first one available, because it could not work for your cat.

Another alternative

Also, consider trying SoftPaws which is a brand that makes vinyl nail tips that go on and don’t hurt. After a month they have to pop off as the nails grow. Then you have to trim the nails and put it again. In this way, the nails can’t do any damage.

Finally, the aim is to have a cat that can be confident in the areas where they scratch so they to affirm themselves territorially in the place that we want them to do it not in places that we don’t want to.

Hopefully you could get some value of this article, if it is the case, please share it with who could need it.