How to train your cat to use the toilet

show you how easy it is to train your cat to use the toilet and how stress-free it is for both your cat and for yourself.

the process starts by modifying the way your cat uses the litter tray

Normally, your cat will learn to use the toilet within 8 weeks more or less, so be patient and follow the steps to be successful in the training.

Make the cat associate the toilet with her litter

In the first days, your cats have to associate the toilet with their litter. Therefore, put the litter next to the toilet for the first week, until your cat gets used to it.

the litter quitter comes with a base plate which is a special kind of toilet seat that fits all standard toilets three training discs red amber and green an instruction booklet plus a 20-minute dvd with step-by-step instructions.

Put the litter tray on the toilet

Then, put a litter tray onto your toilet bowl. There are litters specially designed for this matter such as LitterQwitter.

However, if you don’t want to spend money you can do it with a normal one. You just have to have it hold on to the toilet bowl.

Next is to make sure that the toilet lid is always up so that the cats had complete access all the time, and that it couldn’t fall and scare her. You can tape the toilet lid so that it doesn’t move.

Once you placed the litter tray on the toilet fill it with cat litter. At this stage, you have to achieve that the cat gets used to getting up onto the toilet.

Also, to make things easier for your cat, you can put a little step to make the going up handier.

Cutting a hole on the litter tray

after a few days, once your cat is getting used to jumping up on the toilet, you have to cut a hole in the tray. At first, the cats might be curious about it, but they will keep relieving themselves.

Also, she might sometimes miss the hole, but at this stage the main objective is that she learns to have confidence and balance with her paws on the seat.

Use a cat litter that is flushable so you don’t need to worry about blocking the toilet pipeline.

Over the following weeks, make the hole of the cat litter little by little larger. It can take up to various weeks until the cats are fully trained to use the toilet without any litter.

You could notice your cat using a scratching motion with his paws. Cats bury their waist to hide the smell from predators, they do it as a reflex. However, as the water takes the smell away, the cat is not worried.

You might have a cat, especially older ones, that have difficulties making progress. You have to be patient with it, and if you have bought the LitterKwitter set, they include a DVD that you can show your cat to use the toilet.

So be patient and soon you will have a fully independent cat that uses the toilet.