Korat Cat

Everyone knows the Russian Blue Cat. But hardly anyone has heard of the Korat cat. This breed of cat is one of the blue cats that can be found, among which are the Russian blue itself, the British short hair blue or the nebelung. But the fact that she’s not so well known doesn’t make her any less important. Its history is one of the longest and oldest in the feline world.

The name of this feline breed is one of the first signs of its origin. Its origin is precisely found in Cao Nguyen Khorat, a province of Thailand. According to the documents collected, the existence of these felines dates back to the fourteenth century. As early as 1350 they were described as the bluest cats in the area, and humans at the time saw in them animals of great power, even magical ones, as they considered them to be lucky.

Hence this breed is also named as si-sawat, whose translation is an amulet of luck or color of prosperity, although it most commonly translates as a cat of fortune. In its place of origin, the breed of korat cat had great importance and popularity due to all these beliefs, but would take time to be discovered in other countries of the world.

korat kitten relaxing

It would be up to the twentieth century to see some specimens of this breed in other countries. Almost until 1970 for him to meet in Europe, and slightly less to reach the United States. This data says that his journey and trajectory outside his home country has been very short to the present day. Reason why, despite its fame in its place of origin, it is not one of the best known breeds in the rest of the world.

The breeding of korat cats multiplied when they arrived in the West, as more and more people were interested in having one of these animals in their home. Thus, it was recognized as a breed by the CFA in 1969 and by the FIFe in 1972.

Korat Cat Features

The korat is a medium-sized cat, although very small specimens may appear. It is among the smaller breeds of cats, with a weight that rarely reaches five kilograms. Their compact size makes them especially agile in their movements, but this feature does not cause them to lose muscle or strength in their body. The korat cat has characteristics that make it unique, both in his physique and in his temperament. That’s why you must know him.

Korat kitten

Its hind legs are slightly longer than the forelegs, which makes it look unique. The full image is slender and elegant, fully proportioned, and a rounded head and not too prominent snout. Its face takes on a tender heart shape, where expressive eyebrows and large, rounded eyes stand out. Usually, the eyes are green, although they can also occur in blue.

The mantle of the korat cat is one of its most striking characteristics of the breed. It may be short or simple, but it will never have an extreme length. It is very soft to the touch and also dense, and is presented entirely in an intense blue color. So distinctive is this characteristic of the breed that no specimen that presents any type of stain or coloration is allowed in its standard. Something that is generally difficult, since it is a race in which the hand of man has not intervened and maintains the same characteristics of the first specimens.

Korat or Russian Blue, which to choose

The korat cat and the Russian blue are two breeds very similar in terms of their characteristics. That’s why it’s not always easy to decide between them. Its main difference lies in its size, being the korat much smaller than the Russian blue. One of the issues that can make you decide. As for its type of fur and coloration, its resemblance is almost identical, although Russian blue has a higher density of fur.

playful Korat cat

The rest of their differences have to do with his temperament. Russian blue is a more active animal than korat, and more easily to adapt to new environments. However, the korat is a more sociable and very quiet animal for most of the day. With these differences, can you decide between korat or Russian blue? The positive part is that, choose the one you choose, you will have a loving and attentive companion with whom to enjoy many moments of fun.

Korat Cat Behavior

Another of the most attractive features of the korat cat is its temperament. And it is an extremely quiet and affectionate cat. They enjoy the company of their family, of caresses, of affection and attentions. So, if you want an attentive and affectionate pet, the korat cat is one of the most suitable for you.

The only thing to keep in mind is that it is not especially sociable with other animals or with children. That doesn’t mean you can’t live with them, only you’ll need more work, education, and socialization from a young age to tolerate them. The advantage is that it is a very intelligent breed, so you will soon learn with the right guidelines.

This feline breed has fewer attention, activity and training needs than similar ones. They adapt relatively easily to home life as long as they have the opportunity to develop. Having a happy korat cat with the needs covered is easy, it’s just up to you and what you’re told before you have it. Although, don’t worry, because everything I demand from you will let you know through insistent meows.

Korat cat looking surprised

Main diseases of the korat cat

The korat cat is a healthy and long-lived cat, but it also has associated some diseases that are more common in this breed than in others. The most severe is gangliosidosis, a disease that affects the neuromuscular system and usually occurs during the first six months of the animal’s life. Moreover, the most important thing is to go to veterinary checkups a couple of times a year and always keep your vaccination and deworming card up to date so that you are in the best health.

Korat Cat Basic Care

The care of the korat cat is identical to those of most domestic felines. They do not require special care of your fur or other particular maintenance. Frequent brushing and full bathrooms every 6 or 8 weeks will be more than enough to make your image always spectacular.

As for the rest of the lifestyle habits, remember that it is up to you to keep your cat healthy and happy. What you will achieve based on a high quality diet in which you combine dry and wet food, daily exercise and games, education and affection and good socialization.

You may be clear at this point that you want to buy a korat cat. Instead of wondering how much a korat cat costs, the most important thing is to ask yourself where to find a korat cat with health and quality guarantees. To do this, you will have to look for breeders of the breed who practice a responsible breeding and who take care of their animals. A task that will take you time and effort, since, as we have seen, this is not one of the most numerous or famous races in the world. However, once you have your new best friend with you, all the effort will have been worth it.