Maine Coon

The feline breed Maine Coon is famous for is one of the largest that exist worldwide in terms of domestic cats. The stories and legends as to its origin have been very varied, but the truth is that this cat originated in the United States, and precisely its place of origin is from where it gets its name.

The breed appeared in the state of Maine, around 1850, when the first long-haired cats from Europe arrived in the area. The crosses of these animals with the native American cats of short hair resulted in large animals, which kept the fur long and silky, and which also obtained a strong constitution.

These animals caught the attention of cat enthusiasts in the area, who found the perfect companions for farms and rural environments in northwestern America, always without leaving Maine state. It was precisely the reduction of this type of cat to this area that caused the breed to be named as Maine, and later the word Coon was added in reference to the resemblance of the tail of these cats with that of the racon, which in English is racoon. There are even those who say that the breed would have in their genes mixture of cat DNA with raccoon, but this is something biologically impossible, so its resemblance is totally casual.

The Maine Coon soon spread throughout the United States, forming the Central Maine Coon Cat Club in 1953. A place for lovers of the breed intended to popularize it and promote it as a pet within the United States and also beyond its borders. By 1980, the Maine Coon crossed the puddle into the UK, where it also quickly gained popularity. So much so, that two years later the breed was recognized by the FIFE.

The popularity of the maine Coon cat continued to rise worldwide, to become in 2015 the third most popular and numerous breed in its home country, and growing exponentially in number of specimens in other countries of Europe and Japan. For this reason it is currently so easy to find specimens of this breed anywhere in the world, and is that the breed of cats Maine Coon is very special in every way.

Maine Coon Features

Undoubtedly, one of the distinctive and most striking features of this feline is its size. The Maine Coon is a powerful, sturdy and very strong cat, which leaves most breeds of domestic cat far below compared to its physical power. It stands out in its physical composition its elongated and muscular body, its square head and medium or large size, and a long, hairy tail.

Its rather square head highlights large and deep eyes and large erect ears, with long hair that give it a very nice expression, and also something wild. The eyes can be of any color, although light-eyed cats are generally preferred, but it is a matter of pure genetics the color that the eyes of Maine Coon kittens have.

The legs are also long and sturdy, muscular and prepared for any race or jump. If this animal exercises properly and gains muscle tone, it becomes an elegant yet majestic cat, light in its movements despite its size and constitution. Something that can achieve very easily due to its active energy and its constant desire to play and perform all kinds of activities.

The standard of the breed does not mark limits in terms of its size, although it is normal to bend in length and almost in height to the common and normal-sized cats, as can be the American short hair. As for the weight, it can also be very variable in proportion to its size, although most commonly the specimens are between 5 and 11 kilos, depending also on their sex and other variables.

The other characteristic that defines the maine Coon cat is its fur, a long, double layered coat, very soft dense both in its outer layer and in its inner layer. In areas such as the head, the ends of the legs or shoulders are much shorter, and in other areas it exceeds the average length, such as the hind legs or in the tail. The most common color in this cat is brown, but specimens can be found in all colors, except punctual tones such as cinnamon.

Maine Coon Behavior

The Maine Coon cat is a great pet due to its sweet and friendly character. It is by nature a sociable and playful cat, who with little effort will get along with people of any age and also with other species of animals. To achieve this, it is sufficient to properly socialize the puppies, first of all, letting it be with their mother and siblings until about two months, and then making it relate to as many animals and people as possible.

This animal adapts easily to all circumstances as long as it is given the necessary care and is given the attention it demands. Your gaming and fun needs are higher than in other quieter races, so it will be essential to spend quality time with it. If you have a large space to move around and explore, and a family to play with, you will definitely be a happy, obedient and docile cat at all times.

It is also a very intelligent breed, capable of learning orders and recognizing a good number of words. In addition, the training will be an interesting mental challenge for this animal, so it is a more than recommended exercise to improve the relationship between pet and owner.

Maine Coon’s major diseases

Like all felines, the Maine Coon may be prone to certain diseases. That is why it is so important to frequently go to the vet preventively, and maintain good health habits in general. However, this breed may suffer in greater proportion than others, certain health problems, such as feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia or pectus excavatum. The most important thing to prevent or address a health problem as soon as possible is to monitor the behavior of the cat and if there are any changes in its daily habits.

Maine Coon Basic Care

The Maine Coon is a large cat with long hair, which implies that its care will be slightly more expensive than those of other breeds, although not more complex. The biggest difference will be found in the food expenditure and the time it will be necessary to invest so that your fur is always in perfect condition. You should keep in mind that this breed is prone to obesity, so you should always procure your cat Maine Coon a quality food that provides everything necessary and that is healthy. In addition, the ration should be divided into two or three shots a day to prevent it from eating too much at once.

As for the mantle, it will be necessary to brush it frequently, if possible once a day, but always a minimum of three or four times a week. This guideline is essential to keep your coat nice, shiny, and knot-free, but also to avoid other possible problems, such as the animal ingesting too much hair when it is pricked on its own and produces dangerous hairballs inside its stomach. In addition, the time of brushing can be ideal to find any problems related to skin, allergies, parasites, etc. It is also advised to bathe it in a timely manner to remove all dirt from your fur.

main coon cats

Of course, you can’t forget that all cats need to exercise properly. To do this, it will be essential that their owner spend quality time with them, playing and doing different activities. Also, as a support, it may be a good idea to have some feline toys and structures where the animal can climb, sharpen its nails, etc. The Maine Coon is not as active a breed as others, but you will have to be careful that you exercise frequently so that you do not take too much weight.

Things to know about the main coon cat

One of the legends about the breed claims that Queen Marie Antoinette of France tried to escape to the United States by taking with her six of her Turkish angora cats. Although she never made it to her destination, the cats would have, specifically to Wiscasset, a town in the state of Maine. According to this popular belief, it would be these six cats who, when they crossed paths with native American cats, gave rise to the Maine Coon cat breed.
The maine Coon cat breed is famous for the sounds it emits, as it is one of the most talking. It is very common to hear loud and persistent meows, in addition to many other noises that will be the general tonic of the house.
Although most cats are reluctant to contact water, the Maine Coon is an exception. This breed usually enjoys baths and games in the water, which is quite an advantage when it comes to maintaining the hygiene of the animal.
If you want to buy a Maine Coon cat, forget about pet shops or private sales. Find a professional breeder specialized in the breed, because it will be the only one who can offer you the necessary guarantees about the health of your puppy and its character based on its parents. The maine Coon cat breed is undoubtedly one of the most special in the feline kingdom, but it also requires concrete care. Make sure you can give them to them and your relationship will be perfect for a long time.