Napoleon / Minuet cat

The origin of the cat Napoleon – also known as a cat Minuet – comes from the cross between the cat Munchkin and the Persian cat, which is from the late twentieth century and has very short legs due to the achondroplasia that this breed suffers, consisting of shorter legs than normal by the mutation of the dominant gene that shortens the bones , although this does not compromise the strength they have in these limbs.

Sausage dogs (dachshund or teckel) or Basset hound accuse this same condition, equivalent to the dwarfism that occurs in humans.

Features of the Napoleon cat or Minuet

The breed of cat Napoleon or minuet is the result of the cross between the cat munchkin, from which it inherits the short legs, with a Persian cat.

The Napoleon cat has a round and short head, with a very flat snout, an appearance reminiscent of the Persian cat. Its ears are usually small, but its eyes are very large and round, while its neck, despite being short, is quite strong.

Minuet kittens

As for his body, it should be noted that he is very strong and solid, which gives him a wide mobility. The legs of these cats are not the same: the front ones are shorter than the hind legs. The tail is medium and usually has it raised when it is active.

The Napoleon cat has a very soft and dense fur, which can also be short or long. The different colors, both hair and eyes, are accepted in the standards of this breed.

Behaviour of the cat Napoleon or Minuet

This breed has a very balanced and peaceful character, highlighting its docility, affection, kindness and fidelity, making it one of the best options to share space with young children.

The Napoleon cat adapts easily to the new home and works very well with other animals. These animals don’t take solitude very well, so they’ll require your company when you’re home.

They are also very playful, which is something that sets them apart from their two predecessors, which have a less balanced temperament than the Minuet.

Diseases of the cat Napoleon or Minuet

The Cat Napoleon does not present particular genetic pathologies of this breed, but it is advisable to pay attention with frequent visits to the veterinarian to keep its health in check, as well as its program of vaccines and deworming.

Basic care of the cat Napoleon or Minuet

Napoleon cats are therefore animals that adapt very well to life at home as they are very close and familiar, affectionate. Therefore, they can live in any type of house and with any company, all they demand is not to spend too much time alone.

You’ll see that they don’t do too much physical exercise, but they’re much more active and playful than other breeds of cats.

The cat Napoleon or Minuet needs to be brushed often, especially if it has long hair, since, if not, it can get very tangled. To keep your fur soft, you need to take a brushing routine several times a week.