Nebelung cat

Perhaps the nebelung cat is not one of the best known with respect to other feline breeds. However, it is an animal of great beauty that is worth knowing. And is that the nebelung is gaining more and more followers among cat fans, but it still has a lot to go through to become numerous as a pet or pet animal of all kinds of families.

The origin of the nebelung is found in the United States, and its history is also quite recent. The first copies of nebelung were born in the 1980s, when an owner of a Russian blue cat decided to cross it with a long-haired female. From this cross were born puppies with the most interesting characteristics of the breed, a longer hair length and the bluish tone of Russian blue.

Nebelung kitten

From the very first moment it was these characteristics that differentiated this breed from others, and also those that were enhanced at each new crossing. Thus, it became increasingly attracting the attention of American breeders, where it became very popular in a very short time. Although in the rest of the world it is still difficult to see these animals, in the United States the number of specimens continues to ascend, and is that it is a unique animal both for its physical characteristics and for its temperament.

His type of physicist was also what served to give him the name nebelung, or nibelungo, translated into Spanish. Thus, some mythology was given to this inhabitant of darkness, and it was also achieved that the main feline associations recognized the race as such.

Nebelung Cat Features

The nebelung is a cat with an average size greater than other breeds, which can even be considered quite large. However, its size does not negatively influence its energy, as it is also a very active and playful animal. It is a well-proportioned animal, agile in its movements and strong, with a robust and imposing muscles also when it is at rest. Its weight is usually around four or six kilos, although it will also depend on the size of each specimen.

Undoubtedly, the characteristics that stand out from the nebelung cat are those that he inherited from the first crossing. The unique shade of Russian blue and a long, bright and silky cloak that catch the attention of anyone approaching a specimen of this breed. But they are not, much less, all its characteristics. The nebelung is a cat that remembers in many ways the Russian blue cat. Although it is important to note that they have their differences and each their own characteristics, they can even be checked with the cat nebelung puppy.

The nebelung also stands out for having a well-proportioned head with the body, rounded and rectangular snout, not too elongated. Its ears are also medium-sized and are always kept upright on the head. And their large, almond-shaped eyes, deep and usually emerald green, catch anyone’s gaze. It is also worth mentioning a long tail and covered with fluffy fur, and also long and muscular legs, which allow it to run and jump anywhere.

One of the curiosities of the nebelung cat is that it is an animal with a very peculiar hair that could remind the shape and texture of a cloud if it were white. Even if it’s gray, if someone asks you about a fluffy cat and its breed, it’s likely to refer to this affectionate feline.

Nebelung Cat Behavior

The word that defines nebelung’s temperament is capricious. It is not a cat that can be easily mastered, nor that it is easy to educate to obtain the behavior that is expected of it. Although this doesn’t mean it’s aggressive or a bad pet either. The nebelung has its own complex personality, but you simply have to understand it to be able to achieve an unbeatable relationship with all the members of the family.

In addition to being capricious, it is very tenacious, so it tends to get everything that is proposed. He is also very intelligent and able to learn quickly, so it is good advice to keep your eyes close to it to see what you do and protect it from possible dangers. As an example, it is a cat capable of learning to open the doors, something that can be dangerous if it has access to the outside.

He is a natural explorer, who enjoys any activity that involves keeping him alert, hence he has a hard time obeying the rules and responding to orders. However, through play and fun it is possible to achieve the desired behaviors in this animal.

On the other hand, the nebelung is a very affectionate cat, which demands a high level of attention and tends to chase its owner throughout the house. And being so stubborn will let your family know what you want through strong, continuous meows. For this reason, it is not the best breed for households with very young children or with very old people who need a longer rest time.

Nebelung Cat’s main diseases

Nebelung is a strong cat with a high life expectancy and does not usually have congenital or inherited diseases. It is also more resistant to common diseases of cats than other breeds, but requires specific care to always keep itself in the best possible condition.

Nebelung Cat Basic Care

First of all, it is important to ensure the good health of the nebelung cat the controlled visits to the veterinarian and the monitoring of his card of vaccinations and deworming. On the other hand, it will be essential to maintain healthy lifestyle habits in all areas so that you are always in the best possible condition.

Among the demands of this cat, it stands out that it is very demanding with its hygiene and its feeding. This means that it always requires that your sandbox is clean and that your food is of high quality and with all the nutrients you need. In addition, it requires constant brushing to prevent knots from forming in its fur and to remove dead hair. It’s also a good idea to bathe you from time to time with a specific shampoo for cats, so your coat is shiny and clean.

Do not forget your daily activity and play time, accompanied by caresses and pampering. Affection, education, and attentions are very necessary in this cat from puppy to get a balanced and obedient adult, at least as far as possible considering the breed it represents.

How to get a Nebelung Cat

To know this feline race is to love it. So don’t wait any longer to decide to put a nebelung in your family, because it will be your best playmate and caresses.

If you think this breed is best for you, you will have to find a breeder specialized in it. As we have already seen, it is not very numerous or well known worldwide, but it is possible to find quality and guaranteed specimens by professional and trusted breeders.

What is certain is that it will be worth it to get a unique cat, as is the nebelung, and to enjoy your company for a long time.