One of the obsessions of humans has to do with the possibility of domesticating wild animals. When this is not possible, the means are sought to make pets as close as possible to those they cannot control. And it is the cats that suffer the most this kind of having to respond to the demands of people, in the face of the impossibility of domesticating the big cats.

There are many breeds of cats with almost identical resemblance to wild felines, and one of the best known is undoubtedly the Ocicat. Although it has no relation to the Ocelot, from which it takes part of its name, the truth is that this breed of cat is largely similar to the wild feline. And this is due to the crosses that people made between different cat cats until they achieved the physique they were looking for, such as the speckled mantle so representative of the ocicat.

The history of this animal is very recent and simple to understand. In 1964, a breeder from the United States made a cross between a Siamese cat and a mixed-breed cat of Siamese and Abyssinian. The result of the crossing were tabby point puppies, similar in appearance to the ocicat we know today. Many breeders were interested in the characteristics of the puppies born between this crossover, so different races began to cross in search of characteristics that reminded even more of the ocelot.

Orange and grey ocicats

Thus, for some years were crossed specimens of breeds such as Abyssinians, Siamese, Oriental, Egyptian mau and Americans of short hair, until achieving the morphology and typology that was sought. Once obtained, it was enhanced through a few more crosses, and it was in 1988 that the ocicat race was officially unveiled and when it was also recognized as such. By then, ocicat specimens were widespread in the United States, but it was still taking time to make the leap to Europe and other regions.

Specifically, it was in 1992 that the breed was also formalized in Europe, and from that moment they began to increase in number also in this area. Currently it is possible to find copies of Ocicat in all parts of the world, and its beauty is one of the most acclaimed alongside that of other wild-looking cats such as Bengali or Egyptian mau.

Ocicat Features

The most striking part of the physical appearance of the ocicat is its size and fur, which are largely reminiscent of the ocelot. It is a large animal, of perfect proportions, very athletic, strong and muscular. Its body is long compared to other feline breeds, but in no case looks thin. Its wild appearance is granted in part by that size, but much more for the type and appearance of its fur, in addition to the shape of the head, which slightly escapes the canons of cats in general to be more rounded in some parts.

Its head is wide and rounded, and also shows a compact, wide and strong snout, more similar to that of big cats than that of cats. Large, upright ears and almond eyes, quite separate and especially large and deep, reinforce that wild appearance. Eye tone can occur in any color except blue.

Another striking feature of the ocicat is that it has medium-length, rather thick, longer parts than the front ones. And a strong, long tail, wider at its base than at the tip, and it usually tends to be darker than the rest of the mantle.

The fur of the ocicat is its star trait. Very short, fine and soft to the touch. Satin and bright in terms of visual, it is shown in several layers of color despite being so short. It is usually lighter on the face and chest than in the rest of the body, but in all its extension the shine that highlights its muscles is maintained. Also noteworthy in its fur is a series of marks or specks of dark colors, which expand throughout the body without following a specific order, although they are usually quite large. The most common shades of its mantle are usually blue, cinnamon, brown and silver varieties.

Ocicat Behavior

Although the appearance of the ocicat is that of a wild animal in small, the truth is that its creator had no intention of its character following the same path. In fact, he tried quite the opposite, getting a cat very sociable and easy to treat despite his fierce appearance. And so is the ocicat, an extremely affectionate and affectionate cat, that demands a lot of attention and does not especially enjoy the loneliness. Nor is it a cat that likes to be outside, prefers the tranquility of the houses, so it is ideal as a pet for families of any kind.

Ocicat kitten

It tends to get along very well with children and with people of all ages, and also with other animals, although it is somewhat dominant by nature, so you have to get used to them little by little to the presence of other cats or dogs. His character is strong, active, playful and curious, as well as very intelligent. It is usually serene, but it also has spikes in activity in which you will have to expend some of that energy through appropriate games, to avoid unwanted behavior on furniture or curtains. To achieve a balanced animal, the most important thing is to understand its needs and character, although sometimes it can be complicated.

Main Ocicat diseases

One of the characteristics of ocicat is that it is a very healthy and strong breed, of which no associated or common inherited diseases are known. It is an animal that tends to stay in perfect health with very basic and limited care, which makes it perfect as a pet. The most important thing to get a cat always healthy is to maintain healthy lifestyle habits and proper education.

Ocicat Basic Care

The natural beauty of the ocicat cat is maintained even with the smallest care. For its type of fur, it hardly needs attention as far as fur is concerned, although of course it is recommended to maintain good hygiene at all levels. One brush a week and a full bath every two months will be more than enough for your fur to shine and be free of dust and dirt.

As for your health habits, it is important to visit the veterinarian frequently, approximately once every six months, to do a full review and to keep your vaccination and deworming schedule up to date. Although not prone to disease, prevention is always the best fight against any discomfort, so there is no hesitation in going to the vet.

As part of these habits, eating and exercise must be taken into account. A quality diet and in the right proportion will be one of the most important guarantees of iron health. The amount of food will also depend on the physical activity you do. Remember that ocicat is a very energetic and active animal, so you should spend much of the day playing and spending energy, so it will require a greater amount of food.

Ocicat looking concentrated

Finally, we must not forget education and socialization in order to achieve a healthy and balanced animal at all levels. The ocicat is an easy cat to educate despite its strong character, so it is important to put effort at this point since the cat is puppy to get the best results. Likewise, socializing it from a young age with other animals will have much of the way gained if you want to add another animal member to the family in the future.

Things to know about the Ocicat

It is a breed that tends to meow very often, trait inherited from the siamese cat, breed from where the ocicat comes. It is recommended to take this data into account before purchasing an ocicat as a pet, because for many people it is a difficult problem to bear, and it is a trait that can hardly be corrected.
It is one of the feline breeds that can most vary in size, and is that specimens have been found from two kilos to eight kilos in weight. The standard does not set limits on either the minimum or maximum, so any weight is supported.
It is also one of the cats that attracts the most attention for its physical appearance and beauty, hence the number of specimens has not stopped increasing in recent years. But this is not its only distinguishing feature, and is that the ocicat is one of the most faithful cats that exist, hence also part of its popularity.
If you want to put a copy of ocicat in your life, the process you must follow is very simple. First locate a breeder specialized in this breed and with good references. It shouldn’t cost you too much, as it’s becoming more and more common to find ocicat breeders anywhere in the world. In this way, you will have a puppy with all the health guarantees, and you can also receive privileged information about its behavior and the care it requires. Remember that animals sold in stores or through individuals have no guarantee as to their origin, so never opt for these means to get your new best friend.