The ragdoll is a cat that stands out for its characteristics, both physical and behavioral. It is an easily recognizable animal, very numerous in homes around the world due to its great docility, which has earned it one of the best feline breeds as a pet. When thinking about cats it is more than likely to do so also in independent animals, un affectionate and despots. Far from being like this, the ragdoll has the nickname dog cat, because it is an animal especially attached to its family.

The history of this race is not easy to define. It is impossible to know with certainty when the ragdoll cat appeared, but it is believed that it may appear fortuitously through crosses between other breeds such as the Siamese cat, the Persian cat or the Burmese cat. This origin, from other completely homemade cats, made it from the first moment to be a domesticated cat, without any of the instincts associated with wild cats.

It is believed that it was a woman named Ann Backer who was responsible for the appearance of the ragdoll race around 1960, so its discovery is quite recent. Apparently, he crossed his angora cat with cats of other breeds, among them a Burmese, fruiting the first specimens belonging to the ragdoll breed, although it would take some years to fully define its characteristics.

Little ragdoll kitten

After the efforts of several years, finally in the 1970s the race was officially recognized as such, and gradually became important. He had to overcome the comments of those who claimed it was a bad imitation of Burma’s sacredness, especially in the United States, his home country. Luckily, the physical and character appeal of the ragdoll cat served to make many people notice it, and gradually expanded around the world to be today one of the most beloved and desired breeds by cat lovers from all over the planet.

Ragdoll Features

The ragdoll is a rather large and burly cat, pompous in its fur and compact appearance. His head is big, but not too much compared to the rest of the body. Triangular in shape and with a very well proportioned snout in terms of size. Highlights include its large and expressive eyes, which can be presented in various shades, and its small and pointed ears. It also draws attention to the rag doll cat’s long, very bushy tail, which looks somewhat thinner towards the tip.

Although it may seem like a very bulky animal by the amount of hair, the truth is that it is not so heavy, and its weight is always maintained in proportion to its size. Although the standard of the breed does not mark a limit in terms of dimensions, usually the length of the ragdoll cat usually reaches up to 90 centimeters, and most commonly the weight exceeds 5 kilos, reaching even some males weighing up to 9 kilos.

These cats have a rather slow physical and mental development. It takes about three years to fully reach maturity, so you will have to wait for that approximate time to know the size and final appearance of a ragdoll specimen.

Another of the distinctive characteristics of the breed is its fur, which is always kept long or semilargo, that is, there is no ragdoll of short hair, as is sometimes believed. It is a very special fur, because it stays in perfect condition almost on its own, and it is difficult to form knots or make it look dirty even if it is not brushed frequently. In addition, the tones of this mantle are very varied. The following color pattern can be colorpoint, bicolor, and mitted. This implies that specimens of brown, grey, chocolate or lilac ragdoll can be observed, and usually have a darker mask and mixture of various shades throughout the body.

Ragdoll Behavior

The ragdoll cat has an unbeatable character as a family pet. It is an animal that feels a great attachment to his own, very quiet and always in search of affection and pampering. It is extremely rare to find an aggressive ragdoll or any other behavioral problem, hence it is a perfect companion animal for families with young children, adults and the elderly.

In addition, it is a particularly sociable breed, which means that it can coexist perfectly with other animals, be they dogs, birds or other small mammals. He is very docile and has no hunting or rough play instincts. They will also be very kind when they come to the home, and they will know how to win everyone’s affection thanks to their beauty and sympathy.

Ragdoll kitten

The ragdoll cat gets to have behaviors more typical of a dog than a cat, such as always going to the call of its owner. It is also quite easy to teach the puppy ragdoll some tricks, such as coming to pick up a toy and return it, activity that you also enjoy as a fun game. Such is his obsession with his family that he can chase the different members of it throughout the house to get his attention, and if he doesn’t get it he’ll cry until he has it.

Main Diseases of the Ragdoll

Ragdoll is a fairly healthy breed in general terms. It does not usually have hereditary diseases, but it is also not one of the feline breeds with the highest life expectancy. It may be relatively common that, due to the length of its fur, digestive problems appear due to hairballs that form in the stomach, known as tricobezoars. This happens because cats tend to wash a lot, dragging dead hair with their tongues. Luckily, it’s not a serious condition, and it has a solution with the right medication.

Other common diseases in ragdoll include urinary problems, polycystic kidney disease or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. However, to keep the animal in the best possible health, it is recommended to go to the veterinarian frequently to review it and keep all its vaccines and deworming up to date.

Ragdoll Basic Care

Although it is a breed with a lot of hair, the truth is that it does not require too strict care to stay in perfect condition. The most important thing is to brush it once or twice a week to remove dead hair and prevent the animal from ingesting it when washing. On the other hand, it is not recommended to bathe cats in general too often, although it can be done when it is already too dirty for the fur to regain all its shine.

It is also important for this breed that its diet is of quality and in line with the exercise it does, to avoid obesity. In addition, only a quality food will keep the fur in the right conditions, so it is always recommended to go to specialized places to acquire both dry and wet food. And the mixture of both is definitely the best option. At this very point, ragdoll is not a cat that exercises too much or requires it, because its energy is rather low. However, it is advisable to have him play daily, which will help to keep him at an ideal weight, active, agile and strong, as well as improving your relationship with him.

Things to know about the Ragdoll

Its name comes from a fun feature in terms of his temperament. The literal translation of ragdoll is ragdoll doll, and is thus called this breed because, being taken in arms, a ragdoll cat is able to completely relax its muscles until it stays practically inert, such as a doll.
Another curiosity regarding the rag doll cat is that he has a very fine and weak voice, so it is more than strange to hear him meow.
These cats are not especially interested in heights, as is the case with other breeds. They prefer to stay on the floor or in places like sofas, where they can receive caresses and pampering more often, which is or that matter most to them.
Ragdolls are cats so sociable and easy to treat that they are often used as therapy animals to help people in complicated situations. This is very beneficial for both parties, as it makes people feel useful and their self-esteem is improved while animals receive all the affection they need.
If you think ragdoll is the best breed for you and you are thinking of buying a ragdoll cat, then you should look for a breeder specialized in it. Before, you can keep in mind that there are many ragdoll or other breed kittens that require adoption, but it will be more difficult to know in advance the characteristics of the adult cat. The sale of ragdoll cats must be carried out through a qualified professional and never of individuals or through animal shops. In these cases, the ragdoll cat will have a lower price, but it will also not be able to guarantee its provenance or the health of the puppy. In addition, a breeder specialized in this breed can offer you all the detailed information about his temperament and the care it requires, so that you can enjoy the best pet for many years.