Savannah cat

Wild and domestic. Cat and leopard. This could define the Savannah cat as a true duality that has captivated people from all corners of the world. Not only for its beauty and physical characteristics, but also for its psychological abilities and for its great resemblance to some of the big cats in appearance and size. Anyone who has always dreamed of having a wild feline around will be closer than ever to them thanks to the Savannah cat.

The appearance of this feline breed dates from 1986. And its origin took place through the crossing of a domestic cat and an African serval cat. Hence it is a race of wild ancestry, although it has been domesticated in a way that does not pose any kind of danger to coexistence with people. The result of this crossing was a large but very stylized cat, with features reminiscent of those of a leopard and with a temperament more similar to that of any common and homemade cat.

From the moment of its appearance, it was an animal that powerfully caught the eye. To the point that in 2002 it was already an official breed and recognized by the TICA. Very little time considering their date of birth and the fact that most breeds take much longer to be accepted by official associations.

Big savannah cat watching

It was decided to name Savannah as a cat precisely because of its relationship with African cats, although the truth is that its development took place in the United States at the hands of a breeder specializing in cats. Although it is not one of the best known breeds in the world, this cat has captivated many people. Especially celebrities and people of high purchasing power, since not everyone can afford to have a copy of this breed because of its price. The Savannah cat reaches a price in Spain of several thousand euros. Which makes it an exclusive and luxurious breed.

Savannah Cat Features

There are many characteristics typical of this breed and they stand out over any other breed of domestic cat. For starters, its size is much larger, easily reaching 100 centimeters high. This height is determined above all by its legs, very long and thin, like the rest of its body.

Despite its stature, the truth is that it is a very stylized cat that tends to look thin. On the other hand, its tail can measure between 25 and 45 centimeters, and the weight of a specimen can vary from 8 kilos to 18. Unique proportions considering that the average weight of a domestic cat of another breed is 5 or 6 kilos.

savannah kitten

But the size of the Savannah cat is not its most striking feature. It also highlights its head and its wild expression, large eyes, deep and dark and with long, upright ears. And a very similar fur to the leopard. Short and thin, very soft to the touch. In addition, it stands out for a unique sound that it emits when it is on alert and reminiscent of the hissing of a snake.

Savannah Cat Purity Grade

But to get to know the Savannah cat in depth, it is necessary to understand that du variety is determined by its degree of purity. There’s no single type of Savannah cat. In fact, there are up to four variants of the breed, which are named according to the percentage of Serval that the animal has in its genetics.

Thus, it is called the first generation Savannah F1 cat. Which means it has 53% Serval genetics.
Then there is F2, which would be second generation, with 29% of Serval in its DNA.
Third, there’s the F3, a third-generation cat with 16% Serval.
And finally, you will find the F4, or even the F5, which are the most purely Savannah specimens. Whose characteristics have been softened with respect to first generation servales. Being less fierce in appearance and smaller in size.
Getting a Savannah F1 cat is very complicated and is even illegal in many countries because of the wild characteristics of the animal and it could become dangerous. So, if you want to live with this breed, it will have to be with one of the other variables. Although in any case you will have to start preparing the investment, because it is one of the most expensive breeds of cats that exist.

Savannah Cat Behavior

Beyond its characteristics, you have to know the behavior of the Savannah cat. Maybe you might think the character of the cat Serval Savannah is wild and arisco. But nothing further from reality. Among the characteristics of the Savannah cat stands out a loving, active and playful temperament, which loves to be in the company of people. It is true that part of his character is more complicated than that of other cats, so he will need a person who knows how to control and educate him. But with effort and work it is possible to generate a fantastic relationship between this cat and all the family members, including the little ones.

Beautiful wild looking savannah cat

Overall they are very sociable and enjoy any kind of activity. They like to jump, run and climb, so they require plenty of space to meet their energy needs. There are owners of the Savannah cat breed who take their minino for a walk on a leash as if it were a dog. Something they get used to very well and that will allow them to explore the world in greater depth and have fun.

They are also very intelligent and loyal to their family. That’s why it’s easy to teach him orders and tricks, although he doesn’t always obey. The most important thing is to offer you a good education from puppy and make sure you socialize with as many people and animals as you can. So that no problem arises if you have to share your home with another pet, since it is quite territorial.

Main Diseases of the Savannah Cat

The health of the Savannah cat is one of the strongest of domestic felines. Its genetics have been reinforced because of crosses and hybridization with many breeds, hence no known hereditary diseases or more prone to the breed. All you need to get your cat to be in the best condition is to give it a life of healthy habits and go to the vet a couple of times a year to review it and to keep up to date its schedule of vaccines and deworming.

Savannah Cat Basic Care

Savannah’s cat doesn’t need care other than any other feline breed. The keys to his health are in hygiene, food, activity and affection. For example, it is a breed that requires constant brushing to remove dead hair. Although their mantle is short, they tend to change it quite often, but it is nothing that cannot be controlled with a good brushing routine and with baths every month or month and a half.

On the other hand, your diet should be adequate to stay at an ideal weight. Remember that this cat is stylized by nature and very active, not to mention its large size, which means that it requires more food than other breeds so as not to stay in the bones. At this point, always opt for a quality food that offers you all the necessary nutrients.

As we have already seen, you should also have the possibility to exercise daily in a space suitable for your size. And you can’t forget to give it a good education and a lot of affection if you want your adult Savannah cat to be affectionate and balanced. And that he knows how to behave correctly in all situations.

Things to know about the savannah cat

The savannah cat’s wild heritage makes her like water and explore freely. That means in an uncontrolled environment he could tend to escape. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on him and to keep an eye on him in case he has permission to go out on the street.
Despite all its qualities, it is still difficult to find Savannah cat hatcheries in many parts of the world. Besides that its high price makes not everyone can afford to have one. However, if you are clear that your goal is to share your life with a copy of this breed, it is time to start looking for a professional and reputable breeder, who can offer you all the guarantees about the health and provenance of your puppy. Keep in mind that this cat has a physical resemblance similar to that of other breeds, such as Bengali, even to some common cats, especially puppy. Which means you might be acquiring a different animal that won’t grow as expected. Hence the importance of you only trusting very specific people.