Scottish Fold cat

Originally from Scotland, there are rumours that the Scottish Fold cat breed – also known as Scottish Straight – has its most remote ancestors in China although this extreme is not confirmed. In the early 1960s, a Scottish couple decided to cross their drooping-eared cat with a British Shorthair. Soon after, they recorded their puppies as Scottish Fold and their appearance aroused the interest of many lovers of this species.

Cute scottish fold kitten

However, in 1974 arthritis problems were banned from the fold gene. Shortly thereafter it was officially recognized by the CFA when it found that the problem was at the crossing with Scottish fold, so the crossing with other races did not constitute any setbacks in this regard.

Scottish Fold Cat: Features

The Scottish Fold cat breed differs from the other feline breeds by its ears down and a sweet look through its big, round eyes.

Its broad, round head reigns supreme in a robust and compact-looking body. The color of your fur does not have a specific color. The legs are of a normal size and proportional to the rest of the body. The tail must be flexible, being thick at the base and narrowing as it reaches its tip.

Scottish Fold Cat Behaviour

The Scottish Fold cat breed is very quiet, quiet and close to humans. It is the perfect companion of young children, with a unique patience and complicity with them, as well as with other pets.

orange scottish fold cat

Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for any type of family or home, since it adapts to all kinds of environments.

The Scottish Fold cat meow is very sweet and pleasant, which you will turn to in the most playful moments of the animal or when you need the affections and attention of the owner, as well as its dose of feeding.

Main diseases of the Scottish Fold cat

The Scottish Fold cat breed accuses in a very peculiar way the disease of Osteochondrodysplasia, which attacks this breed with greater intensity than in the rest. When you notice the onset of the first symptoms, including excess mucus and general discomfort, you should go to the veterinary specialist.

playful scottish fold

They are also prone to developing bone conditions, depending on their genetic inheritance, as mentioned above in the case of parents of the same breed and less frequent descending from British Shorthair or Scottish Straight.

However, the Fold gene may also be prone to developing arthritis or hearing problems because of the position so characteristic of cartilage.

Despite all this, you should not worry too much because usually the Scottish Fold breed of cats is one of the healthiest and most resistant among felines.

Scottish Fold Cat Basic Care

Frequent brushing is convenient in this type of breed to prevent them from ingesting hairballs that can cause intestinal problems.

As for your diet, you should provide the appropriate daily dose to capture all the necessary nutrients. At this point, it is important to emphasize that it is necessary to avoid providing calcium supplies since it would strengthen the cartilage of the ears thus deforming its main physical particularity.

Grey scottish fold kitten

Regarding its hygiene, apart from frequent brushing of the hair, it is advisable to clean your ears and eyes, as well as cut your nails assiduously and clean your tail carefully.

The rigorous visit to the veterinarian should be made to control the possible pathologies that are associated with this breed and thus keep your Scottish Fold healthy.

Things to know about the Scottish Fold Cat

The Scottish Fold cat breed has several curiosities that we highlight below:

Don’t panic if you get hold of a Scottish Fold puppy and see that his ears are back; is their natural position in the first days of life until about the third week, which is when they acquire their natural position.
Currently, there are still several groups that advise to stop breeding these breeds for their congenital bone defect at the crossing of the same Fold breed, as is the case of the British Association of Veterinarians (AVB).
It is the cat that is the protagonist of the audiovisual story of cat Con Botas, as well as the same one that appears in Shrek’s animated film.
The term Fold means fold or fold in English, so you will now understand a little better the sense that this name was coined for this breed.
Do not hesitate to get hold of a copy of Scottish Fold given its qualities of closeness and affection with all the members of the family, as well as for its playful and cheerful character as a perfect feline companion.