Siamese cat

The Siamese cat is probably one of the best known animals in the entire feline kingdom. This breed has been part of the homes of human beings since its origins, although it is not easy to define exactly their origin. What is clear about the birth of the Siamese cat breed is that it appeared in the kingdom of Siam, from where it is named.

Specifically, it was from 1880 that specimens began to be seen as part of the human families of Siam, an area now known as Thailand. In a short time they expanded to other countries of the world through traders, first, to the United Kingdom and then to the United States. From these countries they continued to expand due to their beauty and characteristics, and it also began to be seen as part of feline exhibitions in various parts of the world.

cute siamese cat

The best-known Siamese cat is the traditional Siamese cat, also known as Siamese Cat Thai. The usual image of this breed corresponds to traditional Siamese, although it is not the only variety that exists. In 2001 the so-called modern Siamese cat appeared, whose lines are much more oriental and elongated. The traits of this variety are more pronounced and marked, and it is the one that is currently seen in feline exposures, even above the traditional one. Despite their differences, the truth is that both varieties of Siamese cat are pure and have very similar characteristics. The Siamese cat breed has a unique origin even though over time the two varieties mentioned above developed.

Characteristics of the Siamese Cat

Currently it is possible to find specimens of both varieties of the breed in all corners of the world, although in certain places are more common one or the other. What they both have in common is that they have served as a basis for many other breeds, which means that it is easy to find feline specimens that are not necessarily Siamese even though their appearance has many similarities with this breed.

Although both variants of the Siamese cat are very similar, it is worth mentioning the differences in their characteristics. The traditional Siamese cat or Thai has a figure and proportions reminiscent of the most common cats. Strong, rounded and muscular shapes. Modern Siamese cat, meanwhile, is much more stylized and elongated, and its figure is closer to Eastern and Asian cats.

Siamese cat with beatiful blue eyes

On the other hand, they are found in the Siamese cat characteristics that have to do mainly with their fur and that are maintained in both varieties. Although similarities can be seen in the large size of their ears in both cases and in ripped eyes they are usually a light and deep blue color, very striking.

The Siamese cat is white and grey in terms of its fur, with small darker parts that make it unmistakable. Specifically, it shows a beautiful chocolate mask on the face. Equal color are the ears, tail and ends of the legs, although you can see a gradient in some specimens that starts in the feet and rises to about half the leg.

Siamese Cat Behavior

The Siamese cat stands out mainly for its high energy level. It even becomes hyperactive in many cases, so it requires a family that is able to stimulate you physically and intellectually on a daily basis, because otherwise it will be easily frustrated. Otherwise, it is a very affectionate and cheerful animal, playful and sociable. Unlike other races, it is not usually unfriendly with strangers, is curious by nature and tends to get along with everyone. Although it can also become a little scary if you don’t get a proper education like a siamese cat baby.

Siamese cats

It also draws attention to this feline that is very expressive, and who has ease to make himself understood through his meows and gestures. It demands a lot of attention on a daily basis. Therefore, if you spend a lot of time away from home, this breed may not be the right one for you. In any case, remember that the Siamese cat has an exceptional temperament, and that a few cares is enough to get a great travel companion at all levels.

Main Siamese Cat Diseases

One of the most common conditions in Siamese cats is strabism. Although new puppies today do not have as much chance of being striac as they were a few years ago, they still occur too often. This is mainly due to the crosses between inbreeding specimens that were carried out for a long time. It’s not dangerous, but it is appropriate for the veterinarian to check it to rule out other eye problems.

In addition to this condition, Siamese cats are prone to other conditions, such as respiratory infections, heart disease, ear infections, obesity or circulation problems. Still, it remains one of the longest-running breeds in the entire feline kingdom, so it is enough to take proper care of your minino to be always healthy.

Basic care of the Siamese Cat

Siamese cat care is probably lower than other breeds need. In addition to paying attention, giving him love and hours of play, it will only require some routine visits to the veterinarian and the usual care in terms of his hygiene and feeding.

It is a very clean breed by nature, which spends much of the day grooming. That means that one brushing a week and a bath every couple of months are more than enough for your fur to stay in perfect condition.

It is also important to take care of your food and always offer you high-end products that mix dry and wet food. This is the best way to protect your health and make your image a healthy and well-kept cat. Keep in mind that the amount of food will depend especially on your level of exercise, which in this case should be high or very high. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that your Siamese cat eats more in proportion than other cats of similar size.

Siamese kitten

As for the rest of the care, the most important thing is to offer you a good education, affectionate and firm, and socialize it from a young age with all possible animals. In this way, the character of the adult Siamese cat will be balanced and calm. And you can boast of having a Siamese cat of exemplary behavior.

Things to know about the Siamese Cat

If you’re wondering how long a Siamese cat lives, you’ll be glad to know that it’s one of the breeds with the highest life expectancy. These animals can live an average of 20 years, higher than in most feline breeds. However, for their quality of life to be good and last a long time, you will need to provide them with the right care at all levels.
The cat has usually been regarded as an animal connected to the afterlife. In the case of the Siamese cat, that connection reached such a point that when a person died, one of these animals was placed near the body. According to popular belief, the spirit of the deceased would go to the cat’s body, so that it would be its guardian forever.
If you think this breed is the right one for you, it’s time to get the best specimen. Therefore, before thinking about how much a Siamese cat costs, you will need to contact a professional breeder specialized in the breed. Please note that the Siamese cat has served and serves as the basis for many feline crosses. That’s why you may find Siamese-like cats that in their genetics carry a mixture of other breeds. Hence the importance of relying only on a breeder who can offer you all the guarantees about the provenance of your new pet. Perhaps this way the price of the Siamese cat is higher, but you will be making sure that your cat has the physical and temperament characteristics that you really seek in a pet.