Snowshoe cat

The Snowshoe cat breed is the result of the cross between the Siamese cat and the American Shorthair in the 60s in Philadelphia (USA) by a feline amateur named Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty.

This breeder was looking for an animal with white legs and an inverted V on her face of this tone.

Snowshoe kitten

With this cross, he obtained an elongated body such as the Siamese breed and the musculature of the Americans of short hair. However, there are certain parts of its history that are unknown and therefore it is not known exactly how these peculiar characteristics managed to maintain themselves over time.

It was in the following two decades that it recognized itself as a breed in America and Europe and thus began to spread as a pet.

Snowshoe Cat Features

The Snowshoe cat has an athletic, sturdy and elegant look. With a medium size, it usually weighs between 3 and 5 kilos.

Its head is triangular but with a somewhat rounded appearance, within which is one of its most characteristic aspects: its blue eyes achieve an expressiveness and brightness unique in its kind.

Snowshoe cat enjoying himself

The ears of the Snowshoe cat breed are very separate and are long and pointed. In addition, the snowshoe tail is wide at its base and is tuned as it reaches the tip.

Its fur is short, which achieves a very soft texture, with darker shades on the face, ears, tail and part of the legs than on the rest of the body.

Snowshoe Cat Behavior

It is a very energetic breed, which mauls a lot to demand different things from its owners. From the Siamese, he inherits a somewhat annoying meow for those who accompany him. Still, he is a very intelligent, demanding, affectionate and sociable feline, as well as peaceful and quiet in equal parts.

He needs the attention of the human being, often requiring playing with different utensils that will arouse his attention and restlessness. In addition, males are characterized by being very territorial and possessive.

The Snowshoe cat breed is the perfect companion choice for toddlers and other pets, making it the ideal complement to a family home.

Diseases of the Snowshoe Cat

As for the diseases of the cat Snowshoe, it points out that large inherited pathologies have not been found as in the case of other breeds. That is why it is considered one of the healthiest breeds of felines because specific conditions are not known.

They have a remarkable resistance to diseases, so it is presupposed a life expectancy of between 12 and 18 years provided that their corresponding vaccinations and deworming are respected.

Snowshoe Cat Basic Care

The peculiarity of this breed also includes that it does not require specific care: a weekly brushing can suffice to keep in optimal conditions its fur and a monthly bath with specific gel for the care of short hair and so it will look in conditions.

As for its diet, it is advisable to adapt it to its size conditions, with animal proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables, in addition to providing vitamin supplements recommended by the veterinarian.

His exercise is also essential to maintain the slender figure that defines him from his origin, in addition to his intelligence giving him an important ability to acquire the habits desired by his owners.

Snowshoe Cat Curiosities

Its name obeys the color of its legs, white, which differentiates it from the rest of the breeds by this curious aspect.
Despite being recognized by numerous associations, the FIFe still resists doing so.
Unlike his fellow mininos, the snowshoe cat is a high-class swimmer, who does not repel water at any time.
If you decide to get a snowshoe cat, it is an option appealed among feline lovers for its calm and sociable character, in addition to its harmony with the human being and with other animals