One of the most recent breeds of cats created is the toyger. It is an animal that has been defined from the crosses with many other breeds, to get a type of cat that remembered in its physical appearance that of a tiger. Its recognition as a breed is very current, and is that it has been necessary almost 20 years of crosses to get the aesthetics and characteristics sought in the breed.

Admiration for big cats has generally gone hand in hand with admiration for cats. This was the case of Judy Sugden, who began crossing her Bengali cats in the 1980s with other domestic cats striped to get a species of miniature tiger. Of course, it was impossible to get a hybrid tiger animal, but smaller, so that only cats with the most tiger-like physical characteristics were searched. Gradually they crossed paths with each other until defining what is now known as toyger.

Toyger Kittens

The place of appearance of the breed was, therefore, United States. Specifically California, where all the crosses were held for years. Once their characteristics were fixed, and although it was initially not accepted as such, copies of the breed began to be exported to other countries such as Great Britain and Australia. Interest in these special felines was increasing, and it is now quite common to find breeders interested in the breed in most places in the world.

The process to register the toyger as a breed began in 1993, but was not officially accepted by the TICA until 2006, hence it can be said without fear of mistake that it is one of the most current breeds of cats that exist.

Toyger Features

There is no doubt that when looking at a cat toyger it may seem that the eyes are those of a real tiger. And the resemblance of these cats to their distant cousins is amazing. It is a medium-sized cat, very strong and muscular in its entirety. It usually weighs about 5 or 6 kilos, but always in proportion to its size so that it does not look too heavy.

It stands out in its physical appearance the length of its legs, shorter than in other breeds of cats and also more robust, and also very long and separate fingers. Also striking are its eyes, large and circular, very separate and deep colors, which emulate in the eyes of the tigers.

On the other hand, it is inevitable that it will highlight the characteristic that most makes them look like tigers: their fur. The toyger cat has a short and uniform coat, soft to the touch. It can be a little longer in the neck area to get the look of a necklace. The base color is orange, and is adorned with elongated marks or stripes throughout the body, dark in color, either brown or black, similar to those possessed by tigers. The fur is very bright and striking, and is one of its hallmarks.

Toyger’s behavior

Despite its physical resemblance to the tiger, the truth is that the cat toyger has no wild animal. It is exactly like any other domestic cat, affectionate, playful, pampering and homemade. However, it also has important differences in terms of its temperament with the rest of cats, and it is that you can say that toyger is the exception that confirms the rule. This is because cats of this breed love water, have no problem with baths and even enjoy dips and swimming when they have the opportunity. They are also very dependent animals, which do not meet the stereotype of gatuna independence, and enjoy being in the company of their family as long as possible.

Toyger sleeping

They also stand out for being cats that are easy to educate and train. They learn a multitude of tricks and are always willing to obey, so in many ways they have an important resemblance to some breeds of dogs. Nor are they cats that require maximum activity on a daily basis, but their curiosity and intelligence will make them spend much of the day exploring and researching every corner of the house.

Do not forget that the cat toyger is very affectionate and dependent, and seeks attention almost constantly in his family. It is common for a copy of toyger to chase its owner throughout the house to get his attention, and also to always snuggle up next to him when he rests. If you think you will enjoy the permanent company of your cat, then this breed is for you. If not, you can always look for another one that is more independent.

Toyger main diseases

Being a breed so recent and created from crosses of different breeds, the truth is that the toyger does not present any congenital or hereditary disease as other cats do. It is a strong and robust breed, which in general terms presents few health problems. In any case, to prevent illness or various conditions from appearing, it is best to maintain healthy lifestyle habits, and go to the veterinarian frequently to review it and keep your vaccinations and deworming up to date.

Toyger Basic Care

On the other hand, the care of the toyger is no different from those of any other cat. The essential thing is to offer the cat a correct food, play and socialization, a place to rest and the proper hygiene.

As for its fur, the cat toyger does not release a lot of hair, so one brushing a week will be more than enough to remove dead hair and dirt, and prevent hairballs from forming in the animal’s stomach when it is pcitted on its own. For your coat to shine to the fullest, you should also bathe it once a month or every two months, always with a specific shampoo for cats to protect your skin. Also within hygiene you should take into account the cutting of nails on a regular basis, and cleaning eyes and ears whenever necessary.

As for food, the truth is that the toyger is not a breed of cat with an excessive tendency to fatten. However, it is more than advisable that your diet is always of the highest quality, limit the consumption of prizes, chuches or very caloric meals, and always control your ration so that it is not excessive. A good diet is critical to your overall health, so you shouldn’t have any doubts at this point.

Toyger Kitten

Remember also the importance of contact with all family members for your cat, both for game sessions, as well as for moments of education and others of tranquility and affection. If you spend time with your cat toyger, it will be the happiest pet, and your relationship unbeatable in every way.

Toyger Curiosities

The name of the breed is derived from two English words, toy, and tiger. The meaning of the former is toy, while the meaning of the second is tiger. Therefore, its name would refer to a toy tiger, something it is not, but which implies that its appearance is that of a tiger, but eliminating the whole wild part.
As we have already seen, this race appeared because of the desire of humans to have something like a small, domestic tiger. In this case there was no natural selection, and it is still likely that the aesthetics of the breed will continue to change over time to look more and more like tigers.
Getting a toyger cat copy isn’t as simple as it may seem. The breed is still in full development and expansion, which means that there are no breeders specialized in it in all parts of the world. However, if you think this race is for you, and you want to share your life with a toyger at all costs, you’ll have to work hard, but you can get it. More and more interested in this breed all over the world, so you can wait for these cats to reach your area or go looking for it, even if you have to make a small trip. Be sure to rely solely on reputable and experienced breeders, because they will be the only ones who can give you assurances about your cat’s health and where it came from. Escape any particular attempt at sale or through animal shops, which lead to indiscriminate pet breeding and cannot guarantee that it is an authentic toyger even though it may aesthetically appear to be true.