Why do cats meow

It could be assumed that when meowing cats are just communicating, just like human beings using “words” which we describe as meows.

Cat meowing
Cat meowing.

While it is indeed a way of communication, cats communicate to each other using their scent, the body language, their facial expression and touch.

In fact cats meow to people, to get their attention for various reasons. Cats learn when being with a human that their normal cat language doesn’t get any result, as the various scents our feline has left or even the body language doesn’t get any results.

So meowing is a way to make sure the message arrives to it’s owner to get what the cat wants.

The only meowing between cats happens while the newborn kittens try to get the attention and care from their mom cat. Once the kittens are grown, the meows would stop, if not for communicating with humans.

kitten meowing
Littke kittens may meow to their mother if they are hungry, scared or even cold.

Cats use a yowling sound, known as caterwauls, when it comes time for mating, chattering or chirping normally when it gets to catch a prey, hissing to intimidate another cat or animal or making shrieking noises when they get hurt or frightened.

So believe it or not, a cats meowing is not part of the natural cat language but has been developed specially to communicate with humans!

What do meows mean?

If you are a cat owner, you probably have heard a plenty of diferent meows which can vary in their tone, the amount of time, and even the volume.

Their meows can have diferent meanings:

The cat just wants to say hello: “Meow Hooman!” Cats as other pets may be happy to see and greet their owner.

The cat wants food. Yeah, this was so expected. You beloved purr wants you to know that she wants have some food. Therefore their meows can even sound more persuasive. No joke! As studies have shown, cats meow more pleasantly when it comes to getting fed in order to get what they want. And let’s be honest, it works!

Attention-seeking. Our little feline may need some attention and meowing is the way to demand it. In general cats are very playful and cuddle animals, so they may want to get pet, want to play or just feel important. Don’t neglect them!

cat meows
Cats can be very persuasive with their cute meows.

the cat is in heat. When your cat is looking forward to mate it is actually very obvious why she meows because of her language signs. However this meowing can get very annoying, that is why getting the cat spayed is good way to prevent this.

The cat is pregnant. In this case your female cat could meow more than normal. In some cases it can get even excessive specially before giving birth.

The cat is getting old. When the cat is aging it may have some mental health issue. This meowing can be very confusing as there is apparently no reason for it.

The cat may be hurt. This can be one of the reasons, especially if the meowing is excessive and atypical. Don’t hesitate to visit a veterinary on these cases.

the cat is stressed. Your pet can get anxious or feel to much pressure do to various reasons, e. g. changes like a newborn baby, a new pet in the family or moving to another home.

The cat feels lonely. When your cat is left alone far too long at home and without no entertainment, it may cause our little animal a big effort to undertake which could make him vocalize his protest.

The cat is angry on you. Last but not least, and related to the before-mentioned reason, a cat may be angry with you and may feel unattended do to different reasons. For example; have you ever came back home from a large travel and found your cat ignoring and meowing on you in a reproaching manner? Yes, she felt offended and wants you to know it!

How to deal with those meows?

First of all, make sure those meows have no problematic reason to be. Check on them if everything is fine and that there are no further causes.

Once set that our purr is fine, don’t give in to those compelling cute meows if your cat uses it to manipulate you to get what he wants! Cats are highly inteligent creatures, they know how to get to you. And if you give in, it may reinforce that attitude making the meowing more persistent.

However, a cat needs to understand what is permitted – that means to reward behaviours that are alongside with a behaviour that doesn’t get too fickle.